Reasons to Create Your E-Commerce Website With Magento

Thanks to the growing popularity of e-commerce web development today it has become crucial for online merchants as well as shop owners to develop high quality, reliable and secure e-commerce websites to promote their products and services. There are numerous open source e-commerce platforms available in the market which claim to offer everything that an online store requires.

But, among them all, Magento has earned the trust of web developers as well as online merchants around the world. It has achieved tremendous success and popularity as an e-commerce web development platform in the past few years. Today, if you Google around for any e-commerce site, you will find the essence of Magento in it.

But what makes Magento the right choice for the development of any kind of e-commerce store or site? Well, there are some special reasons which make it the right choice to create your e-commerce website. I have listed out a few of them, so let’s take a look at each one in detail.

Reason 1: Wide range of features it offers.

Magento offers loads of rich features for your e-commerce web development venture. Features like catalog management, site management, catalog browsing, analytics & reporting, product browsing, checkout etc. have made it one of the best feature-rich e-commerce platforms in the market today.

Reason 2: It is highly compatible with SEO.

Search engine friendly URLs and various inbuilt SEO tools make it highly compatible with search engine optimization. Moreover, tools like URL rewrite, Google site map, auto-generated site maps etc. make it easy for potential buyers to find your site on all the major search engines.

Reason 3: Provides ample support to mobile e-commerce.

With the growing popularity and usage of smartphones, it has become crucial for online store owners to get their products & services into mobile devices and Magento helps you do it with ease by providing a mobile version of your site to attract and convert the visitors into customers.

Reason 4: Offers most advanced options for marketing.

It offers great options for marketing and promotion of your products and services by tracking user behavior based on their purchases. Moreover, it helps online store owners to create successful and effective email marketing campaigns.

Reason 5: Effective extensions.

It has a wide range of extensions which help you add more advanced and futuristic features & functions within your e-commerce shopping cart. It offers both free and paid extensions to boost your site performance.

Reason 6: Huge community of developers!

It has a huge community of developers constantly making efforts to enhance its performance as well as help you solve your issues or problems related to Magento.

As we can see, there are many advantages to be gained by choosing Magento for your next e-commerce website development venture. The world is selecting Magento, why don’t you?

Far East Painting – Burmese Contemporary Art

Burmese Contemporary Art – The HistoryBurma (Myanmar), a Southeast Asian country, has been isolated from the rest of the world since 1988, due to its non-democratic military dictatorship. Similar to its political and economic isolation, Contemporary Art in this region also does not have much western influence. Developing on its own terms, art in Burma reflects a fine balance between modernity and the country’s rich cultural heritage. The motifs and art theme in paintings are often related to the deep-rooted Marxist and Buddhist beliefs in the country. The difficult socio-political situation in the country also has a significant influence on its Contemporary Art.Contemporary Art is not much experimental in Burma, with oil, poster color, crayons, and watercolor as the most popular mediums for paintings. A characteristic feature of art education in Burma is the system of apprenticeship, where-in students learn from their masters in workshops. The development in Contemporary Art is limited to the two major cities of Rangoon (Yangon) and Mandalay. The State School of Fine Arts opened in Yangon and Mandalay, in 1952. They are the first formal art schools of the country. The National Museum of Myanmar, established in 1952, was first platform for aspiring artists to display the nation’s art.The Artworks & ArtistsArtists U Ba Nyan and U Ngwe Gaing were the first ones to introduce Western Painting style in Burmese Art. U Lun Gywe (Yangon, 1930) is considered the greatest living master of Burmese Paintings. His style of painting is close to Impressionism, with his favorite subject being the beauty of women. ‘Dancer I & II’ (2006), ‘Bathing Beauties’ (2007), ‘Bathing Nymphs’ (2007), and ‘Nude series’ (2005) are among his famous artworks. Aung Kyaw Htet’s (Myaungmya, 1965) work mirrors basic values and rituals that encompass Buddhism and his rural upbringing. Unlike most Burmese artists, his paintings depict the faces of monks and nuns in detail, with a special series of monks in red robes. ‘Four Monks in White’ (2006), ‘Portrait of a Monk in Red’ (2008), ‘Robing at Dawn I & II’ (2009), ‘Innocence & Faith’ (2009), and ‘A Walk in the Sun’ (2009) are among his innumerable artworks.Some other ace Burmese Modern artists are Maung Di, Khin One, Khin Maung Yln, Kyi Twe, Nyunt Myat, San Myint, Paw Oo Thet, Win Pe (Mandalay), Po Po (born 1957), Mote Thone, Soe Naing, San Min, Min Wae, Wah Nu (born 1977), MPP Ye Myint, San Naing, Paw Thame, Nyein Chan Su, The Maw Naing, Aung Myint, Aung Ko, Moe Satt, Mrat Lunn Htwann, and Nyan Lin Htet.ConclusionDespite the absence of affluent collectors, the close-knit contemporary artists group in Myanmar exhibits its works in the private galleries of Yangon and Mandalay with enormous zeal. Insulated from the western world, the unique ‘eastern-ness’ of their art expression has shown beauty in the social realities of its conservative society. Myanmar’s economy has seen enormous growth, since it became a member of ASEAN in 1997. With this awakening, Myanmar Modernism, in its traditional pictorial connotations, also gained recognition in international art circles. Art critics across the world consider Myanmar Contemporary Art, with its dedication to most common everyday situation, enlightening and fresh, compared to the sophisticated Western Art forms.

Top 5 Reasons Why Online Banks Make Sense Today

Online banking is one of the services that retail banks, credit unions, and building societies provide their customers with. There are also some banks that are purely online so they have no branches with tellers that you interact with. The growing use of credit cards, debit cards, and other online payment services like PayPal adds to the diverse ways by which people move money around. All this makes people more comfortable with the idea of virtual monetary transactions where they’re not using cash and that opens up opportunities for online banking.So what are some of the reasons why e-banking is an attractive option for consumers?
Cheaper and May Offer Higher Interest Rates on Savings
One of the reasons why some are flocking to virtual banks or direct banks is that these are cheaper. People are getting frustrated with the various fees that banks are charging for their services. Direct banks do not have any branch network and they provide their services thru e-banking. This helps them avoid the overhead costs of maintaining a brick-and-mortar branch so they don’t need to charge so many fees. Many direct banks also offer online savings accounts that provide customers with higher interest rates compared to traditional banks.
Many traditional banks are now offering online banking services as an added service to their customers. U.S. bank Wells Fargo for example, is offering the Wells Fargo Online service. It’s convenient for customers because they can monitor their accounts and pay bills all from the comfort of their own homes. Check your bank if you can enroll in their online banking service to take advantage of these services.
Many may be turned away from online banking by the thought that it is not as safe as transacting with traditional banks. However, traditional banks also keep their customers’ financial information stored online so the risk is basically the same. Taking the same precautions that you take when protecting your other online accounts are just as important or even more important in order for you to protect your online bank information.
Extended Operating Hours
How many times have you had to take time off from your lunch break to make a transaction with your bank because you couldn’t drop by your bank after work hours? If you’re tired of rushing to the bank and taking time off from work, then you should consider e-banking. Many online banks operate 24/7 so there’s no need to rush out to your bank to complete a transaction.
Ability to Access Credit Card Statements
For credit card holders, banks that provide online banking allow cardholders to get their credit card statement online so there’s no need to wait for it to come in from the mail. The faster you get your statement, the faster you can review it. This paper-less transaction is also great for the environment.Online banks have many attractive features such as its higher interest rates, lower fees, security, and its many services that make it convenient to complete transactions like deposits, withdrawals, payment of bills and when you need to get your credit card statement. If you’re already comfortable using virtual payment methods like PayPal, then you should consider online banking for its benefits.