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Automotive Social Media

Together with the modernization of our civilization are the changes on the way people communicate. Social media has become part in human communications since the birth of Internet. For this reason, social media continues to generate interest in any form of businesses including automotive industry.Automotive social media is a valuable automotive dealership marketing strategy, which aims to sell more cars and boost profit. Facebook and Twitter are probably the most used social media sites in businesses, and making your own account in these sites is very important. You can reserve your brand, advertise and as well as communicate with your potential customers, making your business more accessible to people. It also enables you to receive direct feedbacks regarding your business. If customers are saying negative things, then you have the chance to respond and give them clarifications.Ford is the out front in using automotive social media; in 2009 Ford spent roughly one-quarter of its marketing dollars on digital and social media. This was more than double the amount spent by its competitors. James Farley and his team launched the Fiesta Movement. They posted 11,000 videos, 15,000 Twitter messages, and over 11 million social networking impressions as part of an American Ford Fiesta prelaunch social media campaign.As a result, 4.5 million YouTube views, 3.5 million Twitter impressions, and 80,000 “hand raisers” who asked to be kept up to date on the U.S. launch of the Ford Fiesta. Ford’s use of automotive social media, interests many companies like BMW, Mazda and Honda, which are making strong effort in employing it.Twitter tweets are useful in all your announcements, advertisements, trivia, sales and discounts for your customers. Twitter has been recently use by Volkswagen Polo in their new promotions. Volkswagen started a competition on Twitter as a way to promote and publicize the new VW Polo, which is also 1st prize in the competition. Each time you write a tweet using the correct hashtags, you will increase your chances of winning the VW Polo. This is such an excellent strategy to attract customers via automotive social media.Facebook provides any businesses to start your own fan page and build it up in your local community to get enough likes to be known to your customers. Through posts and pictures people will notice and be interested in your advertisements and promotions.It is also great to post videos in YouTube to communicate and attract the curiosity of your potential customers. Posting videos is free, that becomes less expensive compared to costly advertisements in TV and radio.